Ninjutsu- Shuriken Techniques

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This is a listing that is now for 2 e-books + ( 1 bonus) on the fine art of Shuriken throwing. These e-books cover all aspects on the topic of Ninja Stars (Shuriken) and covers the various existing shuriken and how to throw them. The books cover shuriken throwing methods from various Ninjutsu schools. It includes the proper postures and griping of shuriken, and goes into detail on what and what not to do when throwing the Ninja Star. The books comes complete with pictures, diagrams, drawings, and clear explanations on how to execute the perfect throw of a Ninja Star.

Learn how to throw Longhand or Shorthand. Learn the proper gripping of the shuriken and the arm angles used to get maximum effectiveness when throwing a Ninja Star. Learn how to throw spike shuriken or hira shuriken. Learn the various Shuriken Kata that will aid you to deliver the most accurate of throws. Learn posture, strength, and accuracy training. Learn the best ways to hit your targets, by practicing the techniques of the book that cover repetitive throws and target practice. Learn the high difficulty throws. Learn how to throw a Ninja Star from the most akward positions. Also included are the combination sword and star throws.

BONUS EBOOK and RARE find (Using Playing Cards as Weapons)

Learn how to use a regular deck of cards as a weapon. This is an extremely RARE find anywhere. This e-book will show you the most efficient techniques on card throwing. Learn the proper methods to hold, throw, and injure using a simple playing card. Learn the styles and stances used to throw with maximum accuracy. Learn the simple, but yet powerful techniques that can help you lodge a playing card into a human body. Included is a chart with the human body vital points. Learn where to strike and even how to kill using a throwing card. Rare find anywhere, yours as a bonus!!