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Ninjutsu- Blowgun Construction

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An e-book on how to make your blowguns (Fukiya). It is an e-book that concentrates on the topic of blowguns and the different type of darts one can construct. In it the reader will learn various techniques on blowgun construction and shooting techniques. Learn what materials are the best to help construct a powerful and accurate blowgun. Learn the techniques of dart construction and target practice. This book deals with all sorts of blowguns from different parts of the world, it picks out the most accurate and deadly blowguns to date. Learn how others use these devices to kill their enemy from afar. Learn the deadly tactics used to ambush and stalk the prey. These techniques are extremely well thought out and will help aid the ninja build and maintain a powerful blowgun.

Please be advised that this book is for informational purposes only and should be treated with respect and the reader must accepts responsibility for his/hers actions. This e-book contains the best techniques to date on blowgun construction and is a must have for any practitioner of Ninjutsu today.

Chapters include:

  • History of The Blowgun
  • Modern Blowguns
  • Making Your Own Blowgun
  • Making Your Own Darts
  • Special Blowgun Projectiles
  • Blowgun Dart Poisons
  • Shooting Your Blowgun
  • Customizing Your Blowguns
  • And Much More!!

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